Mould Component  :

EJECTORS : Ejector Pin, Step Ejector Pin, Ejector Blade,  Ejector Sleeve, Spring Ejector

GUIDES : Guide Bush, Straight Guide Bush, Support Pin, Guide Pin, Angular Pin, Shoulder Leader Pin

EJECTOR SPACE : Ejector Guide Pin, Ejector Guide Bush, Return Pin

SPRUE & RING : Sprue Bushing , Locating Ring

PART LOCK : Parting Lock, Best Lock, Magnet Lock, Parting Lock Set, Slide Lock, Roller Lock Set

MARK PIN : Date Mark Pin, Recycle Mark Pin

LEADER : Taper Lock Pin, Centering Block, Straight Block Set, Taper Block Set

MOLD ACCESSORIES : Ball Plunger, Screw Plug, Heat Sink Pipe, Mould Counter, Cooling Parts

Component Dies

SPRING : Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Ivory, Wire Spring

Dies Component :

DIES : Guide Post Set, Punch, Ball Bearing Cage, Oilless Bearing, Urethanes

DIES ACCESSORIES : Dowel Pin, Stripper Bolts, Hexagonal Head Screw

Component Mold

Cutting Tools :

Bandsaw Blades, HSS Endmills, Carbide Endmills, Carbide Burrs, Boring Tools, Forming Tools, Carbide Insert, Insert Milling Holder, Insert turning Holder, Insert Drilling Holder, Insert Threading/Grooving Holder

Cutting Tools

Finishing Tools :

AIR TOOLS : Straight Air Grinder, Angle Air Grinder, Air Lapper

TOOLS for AIR TOOL : Air Tool Abrasive, Sanding Paper, Diamond Mounted Point, Felt Bobs, Mounted Points, Brush, Polyflex Points

POLISHING STONES : Ceramic Fiber Stones, Oil Stones

COMPOUNDS : Diamond Compound, Autosol

DIAMOND FILES : Needle Files, Taper Files, Flat Files, Bent Files

ABRASIVES : Sanding Paper, Roll Paper, Belt Paper, FLap Wheel, Flap Disc


Measuring Tools :

Caliper, Height Gauges, Micrometer, Digital Indicator, Gauges, Centering Indicator, Digital Microscope, Surface Roughness, Profile Projector, Shore Durometer, Endoscope, Hardness tester, Force gauge, Digital Torque Meter


Accessories :

WEDM ACCESSORIES : Filter EDM, EDM Tube, Coolant Nozzles, Wire Cut Wire, CuCrZr

MACHINE ACCESSORIES : Arbor, Collet, Z axial Zero Setter, Edge Finder, DRO & Linear Scale, Mechanic & Hydraulic Vices


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